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Early Preschool

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Advanced Preschool

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Early Preschool

(2 - 3 Years)

Welcome to our Early Preschool program, where we provide a nurturing environment designed to spark curiosity and foster early development. With a focus on foundational skills, we introduce children aged 2-3 to the exciting world of numbers, counting, and letters, setting the stage for their future learning adventures.

  • Language Arts:

    Building vocabulary and listening skills through interactive storytelling and language-building activities.

  • Arts and Crafts:

    Enhancing fine motor skills and fostering creativity through a variety of art projects.

  • Music and Movements:

    Promoting fun and physical coordination through singing, dancing, and rhythmic activities.

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Advanced Preschool

(3 - 4 Years)

Step into our Advanced Preschool program, where young minds embark on a captivating journey of discovery and growth. At this crucial stage of development, we offer a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses a wide range of subjects. Through a carefully crafted blend of structured lessons, hands-on activities, and interactive projects, we cultivate a love for knowledge and nurture essential skills. From language arts to math and science, our advanced preschoolers embark on exciting adventures, building strong foundations in reading, writing, numeracy, and scientific exploration.

  • Language Arts:

    Building strong foundations in reading, writing, and spelling through engaging phonics activities and interactive writing projects.

  • Mathematics:

    Developing problem-solving skills, mastery of operations, and practical application of mathematical concepts through hands-on activities and real-world scenarios.

  • Science & History:

    Exploring the wonders of science and history, from learning about the seven continents to understanding Earth's composition and discovering the history of time measurement.

arts and craft


(4+ Years)

Welcome to our Pre-K program, where we provide an enriching and engaging environment that prepares children for the exciting transition to school. With a focus on developing essential skills and fostering a love for learning, our program includes public speaking, LEGO model making, arts and crafts, outdoor playtime, time concepts, and comprehensive preparation for the academic challenges ahead.

  • Reading:

    Building a strong foundation in literacy through interactive storytelling, guided reading sessions, and vocabulary expansion activities.

  • Writing:

    Developing effective written communication skills through spelling practice, writing simple five-sentence essays on topics of interest, and learning sight words.

  • Math:

    Nurturing mathematical thinking and problem-solving abilities through hands-on activities, including writing numbers from 1 to 50, exploring addition and subtraction, and recognizing patterns.

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(K - 6th Grade)

Discover an exciting after school care program that combines the STEM concept and California Common Core curriculum, providing a dynamic learning environment for children in transitional kindergarten to 6th grade. Our program offers a wide range of clubs and activities, including math club, science projects, and theater and arts, allowing children to explore their interests and develop crucial skills for their academic and personal growth.

  • Homework Help:

    Homework is a top priority at Young Explorers. We ensure each student completes their homework which is then thoroughly checked.

  • Lego Robotics:

    Integrating science and math principles, students engage in hands-on projects to explore the exciting world of robotics and develop problem-solving skills.

  • Language Arts:

    Mastering grade-level objectives in language arts through engaging activities like creating newsletters, writing poetry, and crafting imaginative stories.

children outside
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