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Our Programs at Fremont

At our Fremont center, we're proud to offer a range of comprehensive programs designed to cater to the unique needs of every child. From our Toddler program to Preschool and Kinders Special, each program is thoughtfully designed to foster holistic development in a nurturing and engaging environment.

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For children aged 18 months - 2 years, our Toddler program offers a safe environment for exploration and learning, focusing on motor skills, language development, and social interaction.

icon Preschool

Our Preschool program for children aged 3-4 years combines structured learning with free play, encouraging curiosity, creativity, and cognitive development across key areas.


Designed for children aged 5-6 years, our Kindergarten program prepares your child for formal schooling, focusing on essential skills such as reading, writing, and problem-solving.

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Curriculum Highlights at Fremont

Our curriculum at the Fremont center is thoughtfully designed to support the holistic development of every child. We believe in fostering creativity and building essential skills through engaging and meaningful learning experiences.

Holistic Development

Nurturing well-rounded growth through diverse learning experiences.

Fostering Creativity

Sparking creativity with hands-on painting, drawing, and crafting.

Building Essential Skills

Building key skills in language arts, math, and science.

Social-Emotional Development

Promoting empathy and self-confidence in a supportive and inclusive environment.


Parent 1

Siva M.

Stellar Experience!

A Stellar Experience at Young Explorers Preschool with Ms. Aruna! Young Explorers Preschool has been an absolute delight for our child's early education, and we owe it all to the incredible guidance of Ms. Aruna. Her dedication, passion, and personalized approach to teaching have made our experience truly exceptional...
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5.0 5 stars
Parent 1

Sruthika K.

YE has been wonderful!

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the amazing experience my child has had at young explorer.As a parent, I am constantly looking for the best education and care for my child, and I am happy to say that I have found that with your school...
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5.0 5 stars
Parent 1

Khushbu S.

Super Satisfied!

I gave five stars because, I am super satisfied. My daughter started going to Young Explorer after she turned 2. I was very skeptical at first as she was small, I didn't wanted to send her away from me.. But our main focus was her to get mix up with people and kids of her age/ share /mingle up and learn good manners...
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5.0 5 stars
Parent 1

Mary P.

Inspires Trust!

We joined the afterschool program a few years ago. It was a bit difficult to find the right place for my child. It has always been scary for me to think of having to leave my children with strangers. We actually visited a few different places before we interviewed with Mrs. Jyotika, and I am glad to have found her, she is a caring person and inspires trust. Between after school programs and summer camps...
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5.0 5 stars
Parent 1

Jay S.

Personal Attention

Personal attention and involvement of the owner not just daily basis but hourly basis. I will recommend this place for anyone to send their kids. Also the food is pretty good and healthy and kids also like the taste.

5.0 5 stars
Parent 1

Vishal K.


My kids started at Young Explorers 3 years ago and since then we have noticed a positive change in their overall behavior. My children became more confident, organized and disciplined after joining YE. Teachers are well experienced and easy to approach. Ms ,Jyotika is very humble and treats all children like her own . she is the USP of the YE . YE offers variety of classes under one roof , which are fully focused on kids' overall academic development...
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5.0 5 stars
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Experience our nurturing environment and comprehensive programs at our Fremont center. Designed to foster holistic development, creativity, and essential skills, our curriculum is tailored to meet the unique needs of every child. Our dedicated team of educators is passionate about guiding your child on their learning journey.

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