About Us

Jyotika Mehta

Founder and CEO

I’m a mother of 3 young children and an exprienced child care provider.

I have been working with children of age 1- 14 for the last 10 years and I completely understand the needs of children and how to fulfill those needs.

My vision is to establish a well planned, well structured and very well implemented after school program that promotes academic and social-emotional development and promote wellness outcomes for the youth.

I have a Bachelor degree in Economics from Delhi University.

Rohit Mehta

Founder and CFO

I have been in the software industry for more than 15 years and work full time as a Director at a publicly traded Company.

Apart from this I have been involved with Young Explorers since its inception and help manage its Technology advancements and financials.

Technology has become a part of everyones life and at Young Explorers we feel we need to introduce children into technology at an early age. My goal is to make every child at Young Explorers aware of the basics of computer science and how they can use it for solving problems, critical thinking and designing systems.

This is why we have introduced classes such as Lego, Model Making and now Computer Programming at Young Explorers.

De`Angela M Reed


“Miss D” as she is affectionately called- by those who know her in the business industry of providing quality care and education for children and families.She has been in the industry for over 28 years. She also has worked with business owners to start their own businesses in the industry, she has experience in start up and operations, licensing, policies and procedures, writing policies, and all the details of implementing a quality program for children and families.

De`Angela studied early childhood education at the local community colleges, human services at the University of Phoenix and earned a BA in Christian Studies at Sacramento Theological Seminary School, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her field. De`Angela believes in building leaders within the programs that she oversees; inspiring, empowering, and motivating educators to be effective and efficient in providing quality care and education to the children that are being served.

She has developed programs for early learners from infancy thru school age. Miss D also has 22 years of previous experience working in leadership and management roles in both the profit and nonprofit organizations, including having served as a director of operations and human relations and business relations capacity and as the director for a large child development corporation, and along with owning her own licensed preschool and child development center for infants thru school age. She has a passion for women, children, and families. Being a mother, she understands that families want to leave their children in a safe place and be at ease while they are away. She promotes trust, respect, integrity, and establishing positive relationships with children, staff, and families within her value system in the workplace environment. She is very tenacious, ambitious, and dedicated to her service for the business at hand.

For Miss De working in the child development industry is considered not just a job but it is her passion. De`Angela is a published author and was featured in a Women’s Magazine for a leader in the Child Care industry. She enjoys working out, going to the beach, meditating, reading books, writing, spending time with her partner for life, shopping with her daughter and mom, going to the movies, celebrating with family and friends, and inspiring other women to fulfill their destiny!